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2020 3 Pack Amabie, Phoenix, Plague Dr.


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3 pack - recognizing all the events that have been cancelled in 2020. What is your social distance persona?

Plague DR: The ominous outfit of the “Plague Doctor” originates in 17th century Europe. Dr. Charles De Lorme is credited for the design of the protective gear meant to keep the physician safe from airborne particulates. The outfit includes a waxed coat, breechs, shirt and boots; everything was too be tucked in and secure. The most notable pieces of protective gear however were the head gear: hat, mask and gloves made of goat leather.

Amabie: Little Amabie sama, a Japanese yokai emerges from the sea to prophesy. A yokai is a family of mythological creatures from the Edo period in Japan. Folklore tells that the Amabie appeared off the shore in the Higo Province; to share news about the upcoming harvest. During that visit the town’s official was told “if disease spreads, draw a picture of me and show the picture of me to those who fall ill and they will be cured”. A woodblock print of Amabie appeared in a local newspaper in 1846. The image spread quickly through Japan in hopes to ward off plague. Many are turning to Amabie with new hope. Images of the 3 finned mercreature with long hair and a beak are appearing globally with hopes to ward of sickness. As communities re-open wear Amabie – sama as a symbol of good luck and good health for you AND those who see you.

Phoenix: We are proud to introduce “Corona Rising”. The Phoenix  or similar fire bird can be found across many cultures Native American folklore, Asian, Greek, Celtic and Egyptian mythology. The bird either is associated with or comes from the sun. It’s scarlet and gold plumage flashed brightly, reminiscent to solar flares. The grand bird is said to live for several hundred years. As the phoenix came to the end of it’s days it built a glorious nest of spices and aromatic boughs and set it on fire; being consumed by the flames. From those ashes a new phoenix rose giving us the symbol that we are familiar with - a magnificent  bird, wings spread rising above the flames. A symbol of regeneration, strength and renewal. We will not fade into the ashes and blow away with the wind; we will rise again.

All are made of hand-cast lead free pewter and come with a locking pin post backing.

Product Code: PN-3PK

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