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Thor & Odin 2 pin set 2/$30

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2/$30 regularlly $20 each.

In Norse Mythology the Mjolnir is the hammer of Thor, the god of thunder. The war hammer was forged by the Dwarves and is capable of leveling mountains.

The Horn Triskelion or Horns of Oden is comprised of three interlocking drinking horns. This symbol dates back to at least the 9th century. One carving was discovered in Denmark on a Snoldelev Stone (Rune Stone). It is said that the Horn Triskelion symbolizes Odin’s quest to obtain the mead of poetry. In Norse Viking mythology the mead of poetry is a symbol of wisdom and poetical inspiration. Odin bargained for three nights with Gunnlod for three sips of the mead. However, with each sip he drank a whole horn. The three horns he drank contained the “whole of the mead”. Having all of it Odin fled in the shape of an eagle. Because of its association with the Mead of Poetry and Odin’s artistic aspects, it has been worn to bring inspiration to writers and performers.

Pendant is 1 1/2" and made of hand cast, lead free Britannia Pewter. Push pin locking backing

The Mjolnir measures 1" x 1-7/8" and is made from hand-cast, lead-free pewter also with locking push pin backing.

Product Code: PN-ThOdSet

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