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Scotland Forever Pin


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Measures 1" x 1-1/2"

Two push pin backings


Rampant Lion

 The lion is a common charge in heraldry. It traditionally symbolizes bravery, valor, strength, and royalty, since it is regarded as the king of beasts.  There are eight attitudes or positions of the lion in heraldry, the rampant lion being one of them – standing erect with forepaws and one hind paw raised as if to strike.  The rampant lion is seen on many coats of arms including, but not limited to – England, Finland, the Netherlands, Morocco, Norway, Scotland.

Heraldry Attitudes

Attitude is the position in which the animal presents and includes the  positions of the feet, head, face and tail and additionally, facing direction.


DEXTER—facing left S

INISTER—facing right(with respect to the bearer of a shield, standing behind it, rather than to the viewer)

AFFRONTE—facing fully front  

GUARDANT—head turned to face front

REGARDANT –head turned to face backward



RAMPANT—3 feet up, 1 foot down

PASSANT—walking to viewer’s left with right foot raised

SEJANT—seated erect on haunches or forepaws raised

COUCHANT—lying down but with head raised

COURANT—running full-stride all legs in the air

DORMANT– lying down, head down, eyes closed as if sleeping

SALIENT—springing or leaping, forelegs up together, hind legs down together

STATANT—all four feet on the ground


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