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Raven Christmas Ornament Set of 2


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The Raven, curious and mischievous, has appeared in the mythologies of many ancient peoples. Some of the more common stories are from those of Greek, Celtic, Norse, Pacific Northwest, and Roman mythology.

Ravens are particularly important in Norse mythology where the god of the Aesir pantheon, Odin, is sometimes referred to as the Raven God. It is said that two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, were loyal to Odin and flew around the world gathering information.

In Celtic tradition the raven is the oldest and wisest of the animals. The Morrigan was a shape shifting Celtic Goddess of War, Fate and Death. She presided over fresh waters. She remains an appropriate deity for the strong and independent.

The Raven Ornament is double sided and weighs approximately 2 oz. with the hanger and measures 2.5" from top of loop to bow (4.5" with hanger). It is made of hand cast, lead-free pewter. 

Note: This is for the purchase of two raven ornaments also available individually.

Product Code: ORN-06Set2

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