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Plague Doctor Pin


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The ominous outfit of the “Plague Doctor” originates in 17th century Europe. Dr. Charles De Lorme is credited for the design of the protective gear meant to keep the physician safe from airborne particulates. The outfit includes a waxed coat, breechs, shirt and boots; everything was too be tucked in and secure. The most notable pieces of protective gear however were the head gear: hat, mask and gloves made of goat leather.

The beak shaped mask was filled with as many as 55 different fragrant herbs meant to suffuse any poisoned air they may come across. Many times, these physicians had a tremendous amount of influence. They often sold bizarre potions, witnessed will signings, performed autopsies and acted as the administrators of the disease tallying all illnesses and deaths.

Although the gear was used across Europe it has become an iconic part of celebrations/festivals in Italy.

Measures 1 1/2" and has 2 pin clasp backings

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Plague Dr. Pin

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