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Octopus Pin


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Many cultures across the globe associate the octopus with magical powers. They have been depicted throughout history as monsters of the sea, giant tentacles snapping passing ships in half. Images of octopus date back to the Bronze Age. A stone carving of a man carrying an octopus was found in Minoan Crete at Knossos (1900–1100 BC).

In heraldry (the study of symbols in armory) The term calamari and polypus represent water-dwelling mollusk, it’s body pointed at one end and with multiple tentacles at the other end. This category contains both the octopus and the squid. However, though known in period, no examples of the polypus have been found in period armory.

The octopus has blue blood, three hearts and a doughnut-shaped brain. In the spirit realm the octopus is adaptable, flexible, emotional, creative, clever, focused, logical, intelligent, and represents potential.

The pendant is 1 ¼” and is made of hand cast, lead free pewter. Locking pin post backing.

#Pirate #Steampunk #Nautical 

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