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Bee Necklace


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The bee cameo is the perfect gift for the gardener or Outlander fan in your life!

The bee's small wings seem disproportionate to a pudgy body, it seems if they should be unable to fly. This aviation miracle has made the bee a symbol of endurance and overcoming adversity. However, nature has its way of doing things whether humans think it's possible or not. Their ability to fly comes from the way they flap their wings. The wings move front to back in a partial circular motion (230 beats per second), creating tiny hurricanes beneath their bodies that push them upward.

The ancient Celts viewed bees as protected creaturesBees in heraldry: Bees are a symbol of industriousness, diligence, and orderliness and can be found in British and Spanish heraldry with the most common placement of 3 bees on a crest. Most notably the bee is seen in Napoleonic heraldry.

Measures approximately 1-1/2" x 2"

Necklace is 20" silver plated rolo chain.

Product Code: NK-60

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