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Koi Key


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Finding an old key often provokes feelings of curiosity. Even the word “key” means a tool that opens physical, intellectual, or spiritual barriers. Who held the key?  What wonderful thing did it open? Is there treasure that someone lost or hid?

Locks and keys can also be used to protect one's most valued belongings or to secure the gates of a walled city, so having a key is both a symbol of trust and conquest. Historically, a key or set of keys signified wealth. To have a lock indicated you had something worth stealing.

Some cultures see the key as a symbol of good luck and when worn provides the wearer with the ability to open physical and spiritual barriers. While the Koi, which is also a a sign of luck, adds endurance to this key's symbolic meaning. The koi is honored in Japanese culture for it's determination and ability to swim upstream regardless of the condition or obstacle - even waterfalls.

A key can be given as a gift “key to her heart”. AND let us not forget the privilege of receive the “key to the city” a symbol of honor. This act can be traced all the way back to the middle ages.

The simple key holds many mysteries; chose from 4 different designs – give as a symbolic gesture, wear as a necklace or attach to your favorite chatelaine.

Made of handcast, lead free pewter and measures 1-1/8" x 2-1/4" complete with a 24" necklace.



Product Code: KY-03

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Thank you

Im giving this key as a gift because of what it stands for The piece is so nice and well made Thanks for your prompt response to my purchase and the quick delivery

maggie ::

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