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Dragon Chatelaine


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Protect your treasures with this stunning dragon hand cast in lead-free pewter. Measures 3 1/2" 

The name dragon originates from the Latin word 'draconem' which means 'huge serpent'. Western, or European, dragons tend to be very large fire-breathing creatures with bat-like wings. Eastern, or Chinese, dragons tend to be smaller creatures, with no wings, horns for ears, and are friends of humans. Dragons appear in mythology and fiction around the world. From the legend of Britain's St. George slaying a monstrous dragon to 'Game of the Thrones' "mother of dragons" Daenerys Targaryen. Let us not forget the beloved "Elliot" in "Pete's Dragon", that rascal "Puff", and Toothless of "How to Train a Dragon". In heraldry the dragon’s depiction differed over the centuries, or between countries. The earliest heraldic dragons, for instance, had feathered wings. The dragon’s tail was blunt throughout our period; the barbs at the end were not added until the 18th Century. Some dragons appear in coats of arms as slain while others are shown in a rampant pose

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