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Cross of Lorraine Pin


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Hand cast in lead free pewter this elegant Cross of Lorraine is suitable for hats, bags, lapels or ties. 

The earliest known origin of the Cross of Lorraine was in the12th century where it was used by the Kingdom of Hungary where is was used on Hungarian coins and eventually on the Royal arms. During this time it was known as the Cross of Anjou or the Cross of Jerusalem. In 1477, during the siege of Nancy, Duke René II of Vaudémont, used the cross as a rallying symbol. Following the lift of the siege, the cross became extremely popular in Lorraine. In the 16th century, heraldists dropped the name "Cross of Anjou" and coined the current name "Cross of Lorraine"

In the 19th century, the Cross of Lorraine was included among the iconographical attributes of Joan of Arc, who was from Lorraine. After the incorporation of a great part of Lorraine to Germany following the 1870 war, the Cross of Lorraine became a symbol of memory and resistance.

The Cross of Lorraine was officially prescribed as the emblem of the Free France (later the Fighting France) by a Regulation of 5 June 1941

This cross design is also associated with the Isleta Pueblo. The double-bar cross design is said to have originated with the Moors and Spaniards. Additionally the symbol resembles a dragonfly and can be seen in many indigenous people's jewelry designs.

Measures 5/8" x 1"





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